Александр Рыбак - Mom

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Текст песни Александр Рыбак - Mom

Mom, here I am again
wounded and alone.
I know it hurts to see your son like this.

God knows I've been strong,
but that doesn't work for long.
All I ever needed was my mom.

Tell me I'll be fine.
Only you would know.
Tell me there's a purpose for my tears.

Hold me in your arms
where troubles disappear.
Say you'll always be right here.

And mom, how I miss those days
when life was just a game
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and you would let me win each single time.

Now my luck has changed,
I don't wanna play.
I just want you by my side.

Because I know
there has always been a lady in my life,
so strong.
I will never find another
who would care like you,
who would love like you.

And I feel so scared
every time I mess up everything.
But you're still there.
And there's one thing that I never will forget:

No matter what will come,
I'll always have you mom.

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