Лавика - Hold Me

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Текст песни Лавика - Hold Me

Hold me tight. 
Nothing lasts forever. 
In a sparkling light. 

Through the night. 
We'll run and take up shelter. 
In a world of fright. 

You had to go. Took my soul. 
No place left to hide. 
Angels will fly with my heart. 
By your side. 

So, you're gone. 
I prayed for every moment. 
Now I'm feeling strong. 

Tears rain on. 
They wash over my torment. 
Cover scars. Carry on. 

Why did you go? Dying slow... 
It's the way I feel. 
Please, just Сlose my eyes and shut the door. 
I can't heal. 

Why don’t u go - dying slow. 
Is the way I feel. 
Please just close my eyes and shut the door. 
Pain is so real... 

Hold me tight. 
Nothing lasts forever. 
In the end of night.

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